Our approach to any project is to foster a strong partnership with our clients, to bring the best possible product to life.

Here’s a typical journey to design and develop a digital product. We often tailor it to meet client and product needs.

Discovery & Research

We learn about your company, competitors, and users through discussions, research, and available data. By understanding your users and the problem we are trying to solve, we can create a product based on evidence rather than assumptions.

Content Review

We review your current product to see what content is in each section and how they relate to each other and support your brand. We also consider any new content that may be forthcoming and make suggestions.


We consider our findings from Discovery, Research, and Content Review plus best practices in order to develop solid sitemap suggestions. (Sitemaps are often created in tandem with the User Journeys because they inform each other.)

User Journeys

We use what we learned about your primary users, who they are and what their goals are, to explore ways they may interact with your product. We define their personas and sketch their journeys.


We consider individual page goals and create layouts, indicating all content and interactions for the page templates.


When apropos, we create and user test low- or high-fidelity prototypes to glean more information from the users and refine the design, if warranted.

Visual Design

We take the wireframes and create high-fidelity mock-ups based on brand guidelines. We introduce color, typography, photos, other media, and possibly iconography.

Code & Development

We use all the approved deliverables (site map, wireframes, and visual design) to code and develop the product (often using Wordpress).

Test & Deliver

We review and QA the beta product on a staging server. Once approved, it will be delivered/-pushed live.