Compression Studios is a Brooklyn-based group of former Manhattan agency creatives who craft meaningful brands, products, and experiences.

They’ve been in the tech industry long enough to have seen it all and to have designed and built it all (including brand and visual identity, websites, and videos) for nonprofits to startups to Fortune 500s.

Core Team

Steven Newman

Steve is a creative director, UX/UI designer and illustrator with over 14 years of digital experience. Other words to describe Steve are: Creative Strategist, Animator, Front-End Developer, Full Stack Designer, Adjunct Professor, and Dad. Above all, though, Steve is a problem solver—who is as comfortable leading a team of designers, copywriters, and technologists as he is creating wireframes and responsive HTML/CSS prototypes.

Jen Murray

Jen is a born storyteller, with vast experience in the digital space. Her experience includes UX design, content strategy, branding and copywriting. She views UX design as an extension of storytelling: displaying information and navigating users through a space, so that communication is clear. She believes that a story well told can define a brand, market a product, or raise awareness for a nonprofit—and, sometimes, it can even change the world.

Dan McGorry

Dan is an award-winning designer with experience designing and art directing projects across a broad range of industries, including entertainment, financial, healthcare, fashion, education technology, non-profit and the arts. Specialties include: UI, branding, logo development, design systems, website and product design and the occasional CMYK.