Compression Studios, an independent agency since 2014, is a group of visual and experience designers, strategists, developers, writers, and technologists.

Our Services

  • Data Analytics

  • Brand Identity

  • Content Strategy

  • Experience Design

  • Visual Design

  • Web Development

Leadership Team

Black and white headshot of Steven Newman.

Steven Newman

Creative Director & Founder

Steve is a creative director, UX/UI designer and illustrator with over 14 years of digital experience. Other words to describe Steve are: Creative Strategist, Animator, Front-End Developer, Full Stack Designer, Adjunct Professor, and Dad. Above all, though, Steve is a problem solver—who is as comfortable leading a team of designers, copywriters, and technologists as he is creating wireframes and responsive HTML/CSS prototypes.

Black and white headshot of Jen Murray.

Jen Murray

UX Director

Jen is a born storyteller, with vast experience in the digital space. Her experience includes UX design, content strategy, branding and copywriting. She views UX design as an extension of storytelling: displaying information and navigating users through a space, so that communication is clear. She believes that a story well told can define a brand, market a product, or raise awareness for a nonprofit—and, sometimes, it can even change the world.

Black and white head shot of Dan McGorry.

Dan McGorry

Senior Art Director

Dan is an award-winning designer with experience designing and art directing projects across a broad range of industries, including entertainment, financial, healthcare, fashion, education technology, non-profit and the arts. Specialties include: UI, branding, logo development, design systems, website and product design and the occasional CMYK.

Black and white headshot of Shannon

Shannon Roberts

Web Developer

Shannon is a talented website developer who has found her true calling in crafting accessible and user-friendly websites. After a successful career as a textile designer and IT consultant in the fashion industry, she made the bold move to attend a full-stack boot camp and pursue her passion for web development.

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